Diploma in Financial Accounting (DFA)(1 Year Diploma from UPES + FE Certification of GICT) Duration: 12 Months

In the modern world, accounting system is practiced no only in all the business institutions but also in many non-trading institutions like Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Charitable Trust Clubs, Co-operative Society etc.and also Government and Local Self-Government in the form of Municipality, Panchayat.The professional persons like Medical practitioners, practicing Lawyers, Chartered Accountants etc.also adopt some suitable types of accounting methods. As a matter of fact, accounting methods are used by all who are involved in a series of financial transactions.

First Semester

1. Advance Basics
2. Basic Accountancy
3. Introduction of Software
4. Service, Trade & Manufacturing Accounting
5. Payroll Management
6. Taxation
7. Basic English

Second Semester

1. GST (Goods & services Tax)
2. E-TDS
3. Comapny Law
4. Income Tax & E-Filing
5. Auditing & Banking
6. Share Market & Cryptocurrencies
7. Business Communication & Job Interview

Advance Benefits


Live Prijects

Industrial Trainings at NSTI, Dehradun

Pre Placement Support