Financial Accounting with GSTWhen going towards Excellence

In the modern world, accounting system is practiced no only in all the business institutions but also in many non-trading institutions like Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Charitable Trust Clubs, Co-operative Society etc.and also Government and Local Self-Government in the form of Municipality, Panchayat.The professional persons like Medical practitioners, practicing Lawyers, Chartered Accountants etc.also adopt some suitable types of accounting methods. As a matter of fact, accounting methods are used by all who are involved in a series of financial transactions.

Fundamental of Computer & Cyber Secure User

MS Office-2013

1. Introduction to basic of Computers.
2. Learn how to work with Computers.
3. Learn to work in corporate sector, which is a must in today's competitive market.

CSCU (Certfied Secure Computer User)

1. In CSCU What Will You learn?
Safe Browsing,Passwords, Online transaction security, Mobile device security, EmailSecurity, Social Networking, Bluetooth Security, Personal Computer Security & many more

Basic of Accountancy

Introduction of Software

Service Accounting

Trade Accounting

Manufacturing Accounting


Payroll Management

Tally Technical

Income Tax & E-Filling



Company Law

Auditing and Banking

Share Market

Financial Budget

Business Communication

Soft Skill

English Speaking

Personality Development